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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Homemade fruit bouquet.

                                                              What you need:
                                                             -fruit of your choice
                                                             -wooden skewers
                                                             -floral foam
                                                             -tissue paper
                                                             -coffee cup
                                                       How to: 
Cut up the fruits and place on the skewers. Take the coffee cup and put in the tissue paper and the foam and then put the skewers into the foam. It's so easy. My 4 year old daughter made me this one for Mother's day.

Headband holder.

My daughter has a lot of headbands, and I didn't know how to store them. So I came up with this and it's from a toilet paper roll. 
                                   What you need:
                                        Paint and paint brush
                                    How to:
                              I painted it and then to hang it I used a push pin. It's so easy. And it looks cute minus my drawing, which I rushed through and I am def gonna do over.

Little girl Tea party birthday pary ideas.

We made crafts. We made crowns and beaded necklaces. 
What you need for crowns:
Poster board
craft star/heart shaped jewels
How to:
We (the adults) cut the crowns from the poster board(beforehand) Than let the kids color and deocrate them. Then the adults hot glued the jewels on and and then stapled the ends together. 
Beaded necklaces:
flexable jewlery wire
And then let them bead the necklace.
My aunt decorated with lots of candles. 
She made a lollipop bouquet.
And we hung tissue paper pom poms for decoration.
And for food we made cucumber sandwiches.(They are so yummy!)
We didn't use any fansy bread, just white. And we cut the ends off and cut them in little squares.
We made peanut butter and jelly sadwiches too. And with those we cut those with a teapot shaped cookie cutter.
We made sugar cookies.
chocolate chip cookie pizza
We had a cold vegetable platter and a cheese platter.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tea pot cupcake cake.

Bake and decoarate as desired. We used both mini cupcakes and regular cupcakes. Then place on a base in the shape of a tea pot. You can use our pattern or make up your own.

4th of July Wreath.

What you need:
                       - Red, white, and blue silk flowers.
                       -fabric glue
                       -Wire hanger
                       -Craft star-shaped jewels

How to:First bend you hanger so it's as round as it's going to get. Then I cut about  3 inches of the stem of the silk flowers. Make sure you take the leaves off too Then I held the head of the flower in place as I twisted the stem around the hanger.And you do that all the way around the hanger going with the pattern that I have them in. Then with the fabric glue I glue the Star shaped jewels upside down( because the backs were silver.) Then it's all done.