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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beaded kids earrings.

What you need:
-earring post or hooks( I got these from earrings that I don't wear anymore)
-beads( I used multi color beads)
-wire cutters
-needle nose pliers

How to: First you measure how much wire you might need. I used about 2 inches. Then you thread the beads on to the wire. After you have threaded them you take the ends of the wire and put them into the hole of the earring post going in opposite directions. Then you twist the ends together either with your fingers or the needle nose pliers. And there you have a cute little pair of earrings for your little girl. Note: they do have colored wire and all different style beads, but I just used what I had lying around the house. So let your imagination run wild.

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