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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kids Birthday Shirt, Skirt and Headband.

My daughter's birthday is this month. And I wanted to make her something special for her birthday.

What you'll need for shirt:
-Long sleeved shirt.
-Anything to decorate it. (I used lace trim from old socks, fabric from old shirts and a permanent marker.They have a large variety of things to decorate at a craft stores, but I just used what I had around the house.
- Sharp scissors
-And some kind of fabric glue ( I used mighty mends) Or if you can sew you can sew it on.
-Short sleeved shirt

How to: I placed all of the decorations on there**no gluing yet** to see where it looked good at. After I found the best placement I glued it down. I used a short sleeve shirt as a guide so I would know where to cut the sleeves. I guess you can just guesstimate, but I wanted to be more accurate. Then I took a pen and traced where the sleeves fell. Then I cut the sleeves. Save the cut off part of the sleeve. It will be used for the headband. You can give a more finished look to the sleeve by adding a lace trim,but I didn't have any. So I just left it the way it was.

The skirt:
What you need:
-pair of pants
-needle and thread or fabric glue.
I took the pants laid them out on the floor making sure they were even. Then I took a scissor and cut right below the crotch of the pants and cut both legs making sure it was even all around. On the pair of pants I had it had a floral trim at the bottom of the pants so I cut about an inch above the trim on both pant legs and then cut vertically on the seam and pieced them as trim on the bottom of the skirt. I tried using the fabric glue, but it didn't stay that well after washing it so I'm going to sew it on. Then i frayed the edges with the sharp side of the scissor. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Note: If you don't have anything to trim the bottom of the skirt you'll need to cut right above the crotch of the pants. The only thing is it may be a little to short, that's why I trimmed mine.

The headband:
What you need:
-thin plastic headband
-fabric from the long sleeved shirt
How to:
Take the sleeve of the shirt and cut vertically on the seam and completely cut the seam out. then take the fabric with the pattern facing the floor and fold vertically. Pinch in the center of the material to form a bow. You may need to trim the bow down if the fabric is too long. Take the seam that you cut off earlier and use it to rap around the middle to form the bow and tie in the back.Making sure it's tied really tight. And cut off any excess that may be hanging so it looks neat. Now carefully slide the head band along the back of the bow where it is gathered in the middle. You could probably secure it even better by putting a dab of hot glue in the back. But mine was tight enough.

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