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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kids elephant watering can.

What you need:
Googley eyes
construction paper
2/ 1 gallon water jugs with the snap on lids(not screw on lids)
spray adhesive
hot glue gun

How to:
Cut out 2/2 inch circles for the eyes and 2/4-5inch circles for the ears. Using the spray adhesive glue on the circles and the googley eyes.
Now, with the secound jug You need to cut the handle off and an extra 2 inches extra on both sides of the handle.
On the cap cut a hole big enough for the handle of the other jug to fit through.
Put the handle through the cap and then on both the inside and outside of the lid hot glue around where the lid and handle meet, so it won't leak.
Now let your little won help you water the flowers.

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