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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Light up corn one the cob decoration.

What you need:
                   -Plastic water bottle
                   -bubble wrap
                   -yellow and green tissue paper.
                   -small clear elastic band
                   - elmer's glue/ spray adhesive or you may be able to use a hot glue gun
                   -paint brush
                   -battery operated tea light.
                   -scotch tape.

How to:
            First you want too cut the bottom portion of the plastic bottle. About 2-3 inches up from the bottom. Once that's done, cut your bubble wrap just enough to fit between the bottom and just below the curved part of the bottle on top. Using your spray adhesive, spray the backside of the bubble wrap and adhere it to the bottle. Now, cut the yellow and green tissue paper the same as you did with the bubble wrap except for that it needs to be about 2 inches higher on the bottle . Use the elmer's glue and paint brush and pant the top of the bubble wrap and adhere the yellow tissue paper to the bubble wrap. And paint some glue on top of the tissue paper too. Be careful  because the paper in very delicate and it could tear if you're not careful. Now with the excess tissue paper on top, gather it together at the mouth of the bottle and secure it with the rubber band and cut it about every 1/4 of an inch apart as far as you can down into little fringe. Now affix the green tissue paper to the bottle with a piece of scotch tape, where it gathers together. Now, at the top of the green tissue paper about 1-2 inches apart cut about 2 inches down all around the bottle. Now on each strand of paper shape it into a leaf like shape.  You're done. Than, put the tea light under it and there's a decoration for fall/Thanksgiving.

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