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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Homemade wipes.

What you need:
-measuring cup and spoons
-1/2 oil
-1 Tbs baby wash
-2 cups of water
-wipe container
-good soft paper towels (such as viva)
-serrated knife

How to:
First you take the paper towels and cut them in half with a really sharp serrated knife. Then remove the brown cardboard in the middle. Then in the middle of the paper towels pull the towels up through the middle. Than take your baby oil, baby wash and water and mix it together in your measuring cup and mix it together. Take your paper towels and put them in your wipe container and then pour you solution on top of the wipes.

***If you don't use them frequently I would suggest doing half of the recipe. Because after a couple of weeks they can become sour. And too if you don't have a stand up wipe container you can just take the wipes off the roll and stack them in a regular container.

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